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15.08.04: The new home seems to be working well, I especially like the automatic archiving and the extra space (not to mention the freeness-at-a-price). But let me know if there's anything funky going on that shouldn't be.

Today's strip is the first one where the two storylines split off from one another, where they will lead, not even I know yet. And as a bit of fun, I made some Attack of the Inch High Killer Mushroom - From Mars! wallpaper.

And lastly, a Christian asks the question "Are you a Zombie." Heh.
13.08.04: Welcome to the new home of Zombie Jesus. Sorry about the ads, but that's the price we pay for free-ness. This week's comic is slated for a Sunday update, so until then, enjoy the new home.
09.08.04: My wisdom teeth are all gone, and I really, really want to eat something other than jelly. I'm eyeing off some pizza that's been mocking my non-chewing ability. I'll show it. Just you wait.

Sorry for the delay this week, but a couple of things got in the way of an update. In a related manner, this week's update is dedicated to Ab, who needs to recover faster so we can talk about the devo for the new comic some more.

Another of the things that got in the way of an update is that I'm without a reliable internet connection right now. This is why Zeejay hasn't moved to KeenSpace yet. This will definately happy very soon. So beware the dreaded redirect.

And finally, sexy people, Zombie Jesus, the band.
24.07.04: I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out this Friday, so there won't be an update next week.

With any luck I will have finished the move to KeenSpace this week, so if you see a redirect thing, don't wig out. Just calm down, relax, maybe take a few deep breaths and let the browser do the work.

My Apologetics adventure continues. Sort of. All will be revealed over the next eleventy strips (in other words, I've hit the end of my pre-scripted storylines and need to make some more).

Finally, some ways to kill Zombie Jesus. If you're into that kind of thing.
18.07.04: I'm a bit hungover today, so I'll keep it short.

This week's ZeeJay is jam packed with amusement and hilarity. And there's even a Monty Python joke. Two pop culture references in two weeks, now that's quality comedy.

In webcomic news, if I get time this week, I'll sign up for KeenSpace, and I'm in discussions with a friend of mine to start a new webcomic. But this won't start for a long time yet.

Hello to all you new readers from Pirate Jesus and everywhere else. Make yourselves comfy and I hope you enjoy your stay.

And finally, some advantages of having a zombie on your baseball team.
11.07.04: I had a nice little holiday, even if it did run a few days past what I intended. It also taught me an important lesson - if you are going to do some work on a comic, remember to take your Corel CD (oops!).

A-Day is here! Yes, today I hand over the reins to Evil Lee as LToZJ becomes yet another Apologetics website. Robert Turkel, eat your heart out.

In the next week or so, I'm going to move ZeeJay to KeenSpace. I'll know more in a few days, assuming I get accepted. I've also realised that I can use a different PNG format to cut down the filesize, so faster loading times for all! I'm generous like that.

And if you're feeling in the comicky mood, you might want to read the superb Instant Classic, if you haven't already.

FInally, via Roy, the Salty Tales of Pirate Jesus! Arr...
20.06.04: Well folks, there is some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that this is the tenth Zombie Jesus! Wow, I can't believe I stuck with it that long and managed to update on time (give or take).

The bad, bad news is that a few days ago I found out that FreeWebs has a fifty file limit on free accounts. As of this update, I'm at 50 files. And since I'm a lowly student, I can't afford to upgrade it. So here comes the part I hate: unless one of you kind, kind people could possibly donate me some space then I'm going to have to strip back the website (no Goodies, no Cast section, etc). This is obviously only a stop-gap measure and will last up to ZeeJay #25. Don't ask me what I will do when I hit number 25, I have no idea.

So, sex-ay people, if you can lend me some space, know of a better free host, want to sympathise or find out more details, send me an email.
- Lee
15.06.2004: I'm a day late, I know. But it's not my fault, its the dreaded server and it's  problems.

Maybe one day when I get some turkee, I'll buy a domain name and some proper hosting. One day...

The omnious path towards A-Day continues. Just two (or maybe three) strips to go.

Two more comics you might want to check out, Sam and Fuzzy and the freaky eyed Questionable Content.

And because I had fun with the previous one, here's another ultrasilly (and ultraeasy to make) Zombie Cheeses.
06.06.2004: Due to a deft rewrite, A-Day has been delayed for now. It is coming, though, so you'd better watch out.

More apologies for the delay, but I've had a lot of work due in the last week. And as a reward for being so patient, here is a silly little Mini Tales of Zombie Cheeses.

The new characters have been added to the Cast section, too!
30.05.2004: Sorry guys, but no update this week 'cause its the last week of semester and I have a huge pile of work to get through. Updates will resume next weekend or earlier.

Also the holidays should give me more time to work on the strip.
23.05.2004: I promised a Cast section, and you got a Cast section - how's that for keeping my word?

Okay so it's like the first promise I've been able to actually keep, but I think its still pretty good.

It is but one week until A-Day. I shudder to think of the consequences of my little trip into A-Land.

In update news, my prediction that I would have more time by the third week of May was naive at best. If anything I am more busy, though I am working on a Plan. Wink, wink.
16.05.2004: Still some small tweaking going on with the website, but I've pretty much finished tweaking the strip.

There is going to be an onslaught of new characters soon, so I'm toying with the idea of introducing a Cast sections to the site.

Not much other news today, enjoy the strip.
09.05.2004: Thanks to a bit of spare time (actually a boring lecture) the next six or so strips are worked out. In the near future LToZJ will feature a special guest. Not telling who, you'll have to wait and see.

Life is still robbing me of time, so one update a week will have to tide you over.

And another reminder to keep watching the Goodies section, as I'm working on the very first ZeeJay wallpaper, as well as some smaller images. I'm also looking for some ideas suitable for wallpaper, check the instructions on the Goodies page for more info.
03.05.2004 Geh, the work is piling up, so I'm going to cut back the updates to around one a week for the next few weeks at least. When I start getting more free time, the updates will increase. Until then, the next update should be this weekend.
29.04.2004: Sorry again about the extra long wait for the new ZeeJay, but my life is going to be hectic at least until the third week in May.

The thoughts about a black and white ZeeJay has turned into an idea for submitting a short - five strips - version to my uni magazine. When (or is that if?) they appear, I'll add them to the Goodies section. A new forum image will also magically appear soon, via the power of electrons.

I've also added links to two webcomics you also might want to check out, Wigu and Goats.
24.04.2004: Eek! Sorry guys, but its the ANZAC day long weekend and it would be un-Australian of me not to spend it drinking beverages.

Expect a new ZeeJay next week.
20.04.2004: I'm thinking of adding a black and white version of each strip to the archives, plus I've had some ideas for wallpaper and other graphics. Keep your eyes on the Goodies section in the next few weeks.

In other news, I will try and update the strips twice a week, once around Tuesday and again near the weekend. As long as my life doesn't get in the way, that is.
16.04.2004: Because of all the extra thinking I've been doing lately, I have the next eight or so strips worked out in my head. As a sneak peek, you can look forward to a joke about illegitimacy and enlightenment on how Judas actually died!

Now, if only I had more spare time to turn ideas into reality.

I'm still tweaking the website and strips a bit, so bear with me as I iron out those darn bugs.
14.04.2004: After a nice response from a variety of nice people, I've decided to make the website a Zombie Only area. Say goodbye to the empty space that used to be.

I even spent some of the day actually thinking about new strips.
13.04.2004: Well. A lot of people have been asking about LToZJ, and not being one to disappoint I have been thinking long and hard about what I want it to be. Originally it was only meant as a little fun, but now I'm thinking of taking it semi-seriously. What this means, gentle reader, is that I will try and update LToZJ at least *gasp* once a week, probably on the weekend.

To accomplish this will be interesting to say the least. I did a small redesign of the site, removing the superfluous parts, but the bandwidth thing worries me a little bit.
11.04.2004: Ooh, the first ever strip of the Living Tales of Zombie Jesus is up. Apparently I confused the two Josephs, so try not to send me email about it. And I know I got the time of day wrong, but it's not my fault, blame that one on the Bible.

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