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I grew up in a small cottage on he outskirts of Nowheresville, Australia. Thankfully my parents didn't think it necessary to indoctrinate me into the common religion of the day -- I forget which one it was exactly, something involving nonsense rules as I recall. In any case, it left me free to pursue the more intellectual pursuits of mocking people lower down in the social hierarchy and foosball. Mainly foosball.

After an extremely long stretch in the penitentiary known as Nowheresville, I managed to escape to a nice seaside city, with plenty of salty air and fish. After graduating from the University of the Sea in an obscure discipline that was mainly concerned with curing the incurable, I got a job researching new and exciting methods of curing the incurable.

Originally Zombie Jesus started off as part of another project that may someday get off the ground, where he was intended as part of its halloween series. After a smart alec remark I saw on the IIDB, I decided to let him loose on the world at large.

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About Zombie Jesus
Zombie Jesus is the love child that resulted from a tryst between a young Jewish woman and her Sky Daddy. He spent his formative years keeping busy with carpentry and Messiahood. After his death he realised that saving souls just couldn't compare to the prestige of appearing in small time comic strip. Wishing to facilitate his transition, he sought out the assistance of Sky Daddy in order to become one of the Living Dead. Since then he was cursed to roam the earth a soul-less monster until he found redemption and earnt himself a soul. However due to a gypsy curse, when he and Mary Magdalene knocked boots he became evil...once...more...

Wait. Wasn't that Buffy?

Bah, forget it.

The Living Tales of Zombie Jesus
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